Misadventure Talks

wes-headshot-bwYa wanna know something? Every time I go to change my 1-year old’s toxic diaper, I have the absolute best of intentions.  And I’m not talking about a hope and a prayer (though there’s plenty of those!).  I’ve got a plan, a technique.  I lay her little body down on the table and it’s time to execute.

At some point in the process, she’ll pull a leg kick I hadn’t prepared for, or the sticky diaper tab will get pinched somewhere on her body before snapping loose, or dang-it-all the poop will just fall a different way.  The overwhelming majority of the time, a *simple* daily task doesn’t shake out like I figured.

Welcome to life!

We’ve all got a tale of misadventure.  The job you didn’t get; the school you weren’t accepted into; the relationship that failed; the poopy diaper that didn’t (NEVER DOES) cooperate.  Big stuff, little stuff, and everything in between.

I’d love to share a few stories and thoughts with your team, class, or gathering! Please contact me at wes@bookofmisadventures.com.

I’m passionate about connecting the mundane to the bigger picture, and helping you find joy in the mess of it all.