About the Book

I generally pride myself on leading a shockingly familiar and uneventful life; I seek it out, actually. My wife and I have a quote on the wall of our living room from C.S. Lewis that says, “Let us go on and take the adventure that shall fall to us.” I read it every night (while we sit on a dilapidated couch watching Netflix).  

Several months ago I noticed something wrong with those words, or at least how they applied to my life. Something felt out of sync. Then it hit me:  it ought to say, “…the misadventure that shall fall to us.” Because despite my natural gravitation to the mundane and predictable, it seems like my life thus far has been anything but! How else do you explain being surrounded by sharks, run over by boats, barely thwarting arrests, and being chased by bears, gators, barracudas, and rabid raccoons?

But even all of those pale in comparison to finding yourself in your mid-thirties, sitting in your truck with your wife and kids at home, tearing open the package of your new green apron before walking into your first shift at Starbucks. Eight years of a career in your rearview mirror. Nine bucks an hour staring through your windshield. My graduate degree wedged into the tire tread below like a roadkill turd.

Misadventures. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Dictionaries define a misadventure with heavy words or themes. But for me, the definition is essentially any endeavor with great risk, high stakes, and an outcome left of center. I don’t know about you, but that’s basically life in general for me!

I’m writing The Little Book of Misadventures for two reasons.  First, as a means of looking back and making sense of my life thus far (or trying to, at least), like my own personal reckoning with the fact that life is basically one long bout of best laid plans, sideways traction, course corrections, unmet expectations, and the journey of finding joy in the mess of it all!  Second, to look into the mirror of my MacBook screen and document all the things I’ve had to tell myself and mostly learn the hard way about life.  My aim is to pair the humor of my stories with some general advice that I trust you’ll find helpful, or at least entertaining!

[Currently, I’m querying literary agents looking for the right partnership to bring this manuscript to publication. My goal is to see this project launched in 2017. Stay connected and stay tuned!]